01 Data Systems

Combustion Analysis SystemFEVIS

A combustion analysis system that
combines powerful, modular hardware
for data acquisition with a convenient,
MS-Windows-based user interface.


Data Systems

Within our product range we offer highly sophisticated data systems tested and evaluated in our own test cells. These data systems range from PLC to high speed data acquisition systems. Their setup is modular to cope with different customer needs. By following the ideas of ASAM the integration of our units into the testing environment is easily obtained.

Modular Test Field Structure

Overview of the modular test field structure for engine testing, powertrain testing, chassis dyno, NVH testing, and production hot testing.

Test Field Administration System - TestFieldManager (TFM)

Central host system for the management of a complete test field, consisting of serveral test cells automated by FEV's TCM.

Combustion Analysis System (FEVIS)

A combustion analysis system that combines powerful, modular hardware for data acquisition with a convenient, MS-Windows- based user interface.

Post-Processing Software (FEVALYS)

Windows-based tool for analysis and visualization of all kinds of data, resulting from the engine and vehicle development.
>> Get more details on our FEVALYS product page

Driver / Vehicle Simulation (FEV-SIM)

FEV simulation techniques assist in speeding up the entire development process by combining physically available parts of the vehicle with models of the remaining systems.

Test Object Controller - TestObjectManager (TOMX)

The universal controller to handle all kinds of load units and test objects such as speed, throttle, or torque.

Integrated Automation and Control System – TOM Xtend

A combination of automation and test cell control specifically designed for smaller test bench types

MIO: MORPHEE Acquisition

Always faster, still more reliable! Out data acquisition solutions, in addition to these two essential features, are seamlessly integrated without MORPHEE automation system, which contributes greatly to excellent efficiency in preparing and in exploiting test beds.

MIO acquisition range has been developed to provide a high level of integration with the MORPHEE automation system. It features excellent acquisition and control performances thanks to the Ethercat technology. 

  • Modulare, compact and mobile system
  • User friendly, easy maintenance 
  • Reliable measurement