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8D Report: Permant Quality Assurance

Critical errors are a danger to all work and test bench processes. Only with the help of a fast and sustainable failure detection system, problem-free test procedures can be planned and realised on an ongoing basis. FEVFLEX’s integrated 8D reporting tool ensures even long-term error prevention.

8D Model

The 8D report is a method used specifically in the automotive sector which facilitates the understanding and prevention of errors. The systematic processing of all 8 steps along with their documentation allows for the early detection, elimination and prevention of errors.


An expert team takes care of the problem, which is identified specifically. However, immediate measures can only reduce damage to a certain level, and identifying the cause of error is not the last step in the reprocessing tool chain.

Measures to eliminate the root causes of errors must be selected, tested, and—in the end—realised. Preventive measures to evaluate and minimise risks are implemented and added to ongoing quality management procedures. Finally, the teams are recognised and experiences are exchanged.

Fast Information Flow

FEVFLEX provides the 8D report tool as a component of its complex information management solution. As soon as a critical error occurs, a notification is sent to the responsible group. The problem is processed according to 8D report method. This integrated messaging program with its attachment function ensures that pertinent information is rapidly linked to the relevant people. This means that data can be linked, exchanged and processed within only one program—quickly and without any additional messaging programs.

Linked Data - Provided Directly

The ability to link related information enables an immediate overview of initial and current positions. All data are structured and up to date and are available to the relevant people. FEVFLEX’s integrated access management constantly regulates access rights and information levels for all users and also determines, for example, which employees can see which data, as well as who is allowed to open and edit new entries.

Sustainable Solution and Long-Term Analysis

FEVFLEX has an integrated statistic and analysis function. How many issues occurred within the last quarter? Which components were affected most frequently? This feature reveals interdependencies which would not have been apparent without retrospective data access. In addition, status and progress can be logged: Within only a few seconds, a complete overview of open and closed issues is available.


  • Easy linking of issues
  • Centrally based information
  • Visualisation of direct connections
  • Integrated messaging system
  • Statistic function
  • Access management
  • History