Empower Automation in Vehicle Calibration

In-car calibration will remain an important part of the development of new vehicle generations. A wide range of testing procedures, road trials and functional checks are necessary to consistently fulfill all development targets and ensure a high calibration quality.

To increase vehicle testing and calibration efficiency, FEV has developed the TOPEXPERT Vehicle Test Automator (VTA), a unique solution aiming at transferring the successfully applied automation approaches from the test bed environment to vehicle calibration. It facilitates the calibration engineer to plan his experiments at the desk using a comfortable graphical workflow editor. With its rich library of calibration specific blocks and the open environment for custom evaluation algorithms, TOPEXPERT VTA provides the environment to easily document, transfer and standardize your calibration expertise. On this basis the use of model-based calibration approaches can be expanded to vehicle calibration. The generated test descriptions can be executed in the vehicle, either guiding the engineer through the maneuver or completely taking over vehicle control.

>> Accurate, flexible and easy control – VTA does the job <<

Using TOPEXPERT VTA will boost the efficiency and quality of in-vehicle calibration ensuring high test reproducibility and standardized testing procedures.



    • Plan experiments on the desktop using a comfortable graphical workflow editor
    • Workflows guide the engineer or completely automate the maneuver
    • Rich library of calibration specific blocks fastens the conception of procedures 
    • Open environment for customized evaluation algorithms
    • Connects to most common calibration tools (INCA, CANape, ControlDesk, VISION)
    • Connects test benches and roller dynamometers via standard ASAM ACI



    • Boost efficiency and quality of in-vehicle calibration through high test reproducibility
    • Standardized testing procedures
    • Easy documentation and transfer of calibration expertise
    • Transfer of model-based calibration approaches to in-vehicle calibration

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