Standardizing Calibration Procedures through Guided Desktop Calibration

Modern vehicle calibration has become more extensive than ever before. The growing number of calibration labels and powertrain variants combined with the continuous increase in xCU complexity require numerous test runs and the involvement of large calibration teams. The effective analysis of the resulting data amounts and the coordination of the various calibration activities ensuring an efficient and high-quality calibration process present a tremendous challenge.

Against this background FEV has developed TOPEXPERT FACE, a novel framework for guided data evaluation and desktop calibration. TOPEXPERT FACE aims at standardizing, accelerating and automating calibration procedures. For this, FACE offers a large library of data analysis functionalities ranging from graphical data visualization, basic data post-processing routines like filtering or resampling and common statistic functions to advanced scripting possibilities and automatic parameterization of calibration labels. Its data I/O routines and batch functionalities are specifically optimized for efficient RAM and CPU usage and enable fast automatic processing of several thousand data files.

>> Easily mastering even the most complex challenges in today’s xCU calibration: All data analysis functionalities fit together and add up to a whole. <<

To support the standardization of calibration processes, FACE provides a unique workflow-based tool concept. The set of data analysis functionalities can be arbitrarily combined to complex calibration sequences using a comfortable graphical tool configurator. By this, technical specialists can directly implement their knowledge and process requirements into the tool rather than spending hours in generating written calibration guidelines and monitoring the compliance to these standards. Sharing the generated workflows among the involved engineers harmonizes the applied procedures and inherently documents the conducted work.



  • Workflow-based calibration
  • Straightforward graphical data analysis
  • Easy handling of basic data processing such as resampling and merging
  • Conversion and analysis of data with predefined basic statistical functions and advanced scripting
  • Automatic optimization of calibration label's content


    • Reduced development times
    • Rapid, automatic processing of several thousand data files
    • Rich library of predefined calibration algorithms
    • Open environment to create self-defined algorithms
    • Bespoke workflows for implementation and distribution of individual user expertise
    • Harmonization of applied procedures and corresponding documentation

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