Valvetrain Module

Provides maximum freedom in valvetrain modeling to support all kinds of valvetrain designs. Valvetrain models are created in a unique two-step process from ‘single’ (SVT) to ‘complete’ valvetrains, in which SVTs form the building blocks of complete valvetrains. A SVT represents the part of a valvetrain which is actuated by one cam (or two cams, in case of Desmodromic drives). A complete valvetrain is built by combining SVTs with a camshaft.

Building blocks provided through the Valvetrain Module: camshaft (cam), valve (semi-flexible), valve spring (several types), spring retainer, tappet (rigid or without hydraulic lash adjustment, several types), rocker, finger follower, roller, valve bridge (for single-point actuation of multiple valves), pushrod.

The Valve Lift Designer allows both analyzing and optimizing existing lift curves with respect to velocity, acceleration and jerk. You can design new lift curves from scratch. Can be used to design any sort of lift curve – e.g. as well fuel pump lift curves.

The Cam Gauge Utility calculates quality control / incoming inspection data for gauging a cam lobe profile with a roller tappet gauge.

Virtual Engine Valvetrain Module
Virtual Engine Valvetrain Module 2