Cranktrain Module

Build complete cranktrains for inline, V-type, VR-type, W-type, and Boxer-type engines within minutes from one single dataset using the Cranktrain Wizard. The Gas Force Wizard allows creating gas pressure curves from thermodynamic parameters if no pressure indication curves are available. The built-in 1D torsional vibration analysis according to IACS UR M53 (“CIMAC method”) supports you in cranktrain concept decisions.

Building blocks provided through the Cranktrain Module: engine mount (linear and nonlinear rubber, and hydroelastic bushing), crankshaft (torsional, beam), bearing (linear and non-linear bearing, several hydro- and elastohydrodynamic bearing types), flywheel (linear and nonlinear dual-mass), torsional vibration damper (linear and nonlinear rubber, viscoelastic), balancing shaft.

Virtual Engine Cranktrain Crankshaft Module