Basic Module

The Base Module provides the base functionality and basic building blocks to build all engine subsystems (including a fully-coupled complete engine model), but without any subsystem-specific model refinements. You can refine your model through replacing the internal parametric geometry with imported native CAD models – with automatic calculation of the mass properties (mass, center of mass / gravity, moments of inertia) for defined material density. For material characteristics like density a user-definable materials database is provided.

Several tools are provided to facilitate modeling: The Property File Lister provides an overview of all property files used within your model. The Bearing Inspector provides you with an overview of all used bearing formulations within your model – and allows changing them. The Part Inspector allows reviewing each component individually.

The sophisticated Cranktrain Test Rig lets you run models with a cranktrain in a single or series steady-state operation, or in speed sweeps. A built-in tuning feature allows estimating the test rig parameters for under-critical operation of the cranktrain model.

The Free Loads Analysis supports in balancing the cranktrain. Building blocks provided through the Base Module: rigid components of all engine elements, timing coupler (fixed transmission ratio), constraint bearing, bushing, environment elements (temperature, pressure, viscosity, gas force), angle/ angular speed sensor.

Virtual Engine - Basic Module