VDA Testing

The Association of German Automobile Manufacturers, "Verband der deutschen Automobilindustrie", or VDA, has developed a specification for the testing the audio performance of hands free devices.  Testing to the VDA specification has become the industry standard test method for hands free systems.

FEV performs VDA testing of hands-free telephony devices on GSM and CDMA-based phone networks.  We have created a dedicated test lab with Head Acoustics equipment and software.  We have also recently expanded our capabilites by adding a Head Acoustics MFE XI Bluetooth access point/simulator.

Let FEV perform your OEM-required quality/performance testing.  

  • Designated VDA Test Lab
  • Trained Staff
  • State of the Art Equipment
  • GSM and CDMA capable

FEV can assist you with control module characterization and calibration.

  • Noise/Echo Measurement
  • Background Noise Generation
  • Frequency Response
  • Speech Quality
  • Sending/Receiving Delays
  • Voice and Sound Quality
  • Smart Phone interference issues analysis

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