FEV can help you integrate your new device into an existing OEM vehicle subsystem or architecture.  We can handle development of the specification, hardware and software development, integration and testing.  We can also assist by designing development tools, test systems, and models.

We can aid your understanding of the system architecture by performing tear downs, reverse engineering, OEM comparisons and competitive analysis reports.  We have extensive knowledge in the following areas:

System Design/Requirements

  • OEM system design
  • New and existing product integration into OEM systems
  • Network integration
  • Aftermarket system integration / design
  • OBDII integration

Hardware and Software Development


We can help aftermarket suppliers get their consumer electronics devices into the OEM vehicle with consulting and technological solutions.  We have intimate knowledge of the vehicle architecture.  We'll assume the role of specification developers, hardware designers, software developers and/or test engineers.  We'll help you do it right the first time.

As an example, we have developed hardware and software solutions for multiple suppliers to integrate iPod devices into existing vehicle systems and subsystems.

Our gateways and vehicle bus interfaces can provide aftermarket devices with access to vital vehicle information such as vehicle speed, RPM, temperature and pressure data, fuel usage, etc.

Electric Vehicle Integration

FEV has designed control modules for electric vehicles.  We help electric vehicle companies develop their vehicle architecture by integrating off-the-shelf products from various sources.  We also provide development gateway modules for gas-electric hybrid vehicle programs.  In all cases, FEV provides architecture design consulting to minimize cost and enhance flexibility and expandability.

Testing and System/Vehicle Integration

Tester Hardware and Software Development Capability

  • Vehicle drive simulators
  • DV/PV Testers
  • Operational testers
  • Manufacturing low to high volume  

Please contact us for information on any FEV product or service.