FEV collaborates with the OEMs, Tier and Aftermarket suppliers to develop and validate electronic designs. Our expert hardware and software engineers will support your product development activities by providing consulting services and design work. FEV will help to speed the module design and validation process by advising regarding the OEM product development cycles and providing project management and coordination. We'll provide recommendations to help you integrate your product into the complex vehicle system and confirm that it functions properly.

Electronic Module Development

FEV provides consulting regarding ECU hardware and software development and manufacture to OEM specifications.  We collaborate with Tier 1 suppliers on OEM programs for ECU HW/SW design, and support the customer through product launch.  We also consult on aftermarket suppliers' electronic design projects and help bring their products to market.  We have expertise in the areas of body electronics, powertrain, telematics/infotainment, BEV/Hybrid design, Cyber Security, ADAS, and vehicle networking, as well as overall Connected Vehicle systems design.

Hardware and Software Design Analysis

We provide consultation services to help realize your electronic design:

  • Parts selection
  • EMC protection
  • PCB layout
  • Software structure and design review


Test Equipment and Testing Services

FEV provides consulting regarding test equipment and test software:

FEV's Automotive Validation Test Platform(data sheet) allows us to provide a low cost and rapidly deployable package (GUI, code-base, hardware-base) that is easily expanded and highly adaptable to accommodate your electronics device.

Integration and Validation

FEV provides consulting on integration and validation testing.  We'll recommend the appropriate validation tests for your product at the vehicle, subsystem, ECU, and microprocessor level to ensure safety, compatibility, and improved customer experience.  We'll subject your product to OEM test specifications or create acustomized, rigorous independent test plan to verify that the module "plays nice" with all of the other components in the vehicle.  This also takes into consideration Functional Safety ISO 26262 requirements.

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