Mark I Engine Simulator

The Mark I is an intelligent engine simulator with an easy-to-use graphical user interface.  It supplies all the necessary inputs and outputs to allow an Engine Control Module to operate without a vehicle.  It is typically used in a software development or test environment.

The Mark I's I/O box provides switches, encoders, LEDs, and a four-line vacuum fluorescent display. All of the I/O box functions are "soft" and can be reassigned to any variable.

The system has several bays for customizable load trays to meet the I/O requirements of various ECUs.  Every circuit is accessible via the breakout panel.

The Mark I also allows for real time data acquisition and measurement.  The user can create test scripts to control every parameter in the controller environment. Tests may be designed before the physical ECU is available. Scripts may be easily modified, altering the test sequence to further investigate hardware or software issues.

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