Benchtop Testers and Load Boxes

FEV designs testers and load boxes to validate basic operation of an ECU in a static environment.  A typical benchtop tester provides power and communications interfaces (CAN, serial data).  It contains loads, breakouts, and controls for fault insertion.

The benchtop tester may supply inputs for external equipment as needed or be paired with a PC running a custom vehicle network simulation.  A benctop tester can simulate most of the conditions that the ECU will encounter under normal operating condtions. 

A benchtop tester may also function as an in-vehicle test tool (signal breakout box) allowing engineers or technicians to measure signals as well as insert faults into all of the ECU's I/O circuits while it is running in the vehicle environment.

We'll design a tester or load box to meet your program requirements. 

We've designed several telematics benchtop testers.

Please contact us for more information.