Vehicle Bus Interface

FEV's OBD-II Vehicle Bus Interface provides a cost effective, non-intrusive access point to OEM vehicle network systems via the industry standard OBD-II interface port.  It can interface with any OBD-II compliant vehicle -- those sold in the US from model year 1996 to present or in Europe from model year 2003 to present.

The OBD-II VBI caters to aftermarket equipment developers by providing data access to information such as vehicle speed, RPM, temperature and pressure data, fuel usage, etc.  These parameters can be used to enhance the functionality of aftermarket products by providing real time vehicle and driver feedback to systems such as fleet management devices, add-on gauges and accessories, loggers, etc.  It can also route and switch device power and provide simple I/O control (LEDs, high/low-side drivers) based upon vehicle data.

The VBI interface to the aftermarket device is easily customizable. CAN, LIN, Rs232 or dedicated I/O lines are possibilities.  The VBI can be external to the aftermarket device, or on-board.

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