OEM-Safe Aftermarket Gateway

With most new cars now having 80+ microcontrollers and more lines of code than a modern fighter jet, the complexity of vehicle components and systems is increasing exponentially. New technologies enhance the driver experience and add convenience but also increase the risk for serious and dangerous malfunctions.  Safely and properly interfacing with such complex and delicate vehicle eco-systems is becoming an ever increasing challenge.

Being familiar with the OEM design requirements and processes and versed in OEM vehicle system technologies, FEV is able to draw from its OEM design experience and work with the various OEMs to create a solution that is rigorously tested on both a component and system level yet still economical in price.  The result is an OEM-approved interface module with all the associated benefits.  The OSAG’s motto is ‘Connecting to the vehicle safely and securely satisfies the OEM and enables the Aftermarket’.

Our modules provide OEM-approved access to the vehicle network signals required for proper operation of added equipment or Consumer Electronics devices.  We supply a cost effective data communication link to the OEM data bus.  The OSAG enables the aftermarket device to monitor vehicle data and control various OEM features.

Available production OEM-approved vehicle gateway modules:

Examples of OEM-approved vehicle gateway modules

OSAG - Connectivity in a safe, reliable, and beneficial manner for all stakeholders.

Our modules support OEM sleep/wakeup functionality to reduce battery drain.  We interface with the actual OEM vehicle communication bus.  We also offer OBD-II solutions

The OEM-Safe Aftermarket Gateway completely isolates the aftermarket device from the OEM system/network to maintain network integrity and vehicle warranty.  The OSAG is designed and tested against OEM EMC and environmental specifications, and it is subjected to extensive vehicle integration testing.

If you have an application requiring a OEM bus data, please contact us.  We may be able to develop a custom OEM-safe aftermarket gateway to deliver the signals your application needs.  Our base vehicle bus interface can drive standard automotive relays. 

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OEM-Safe Aftermarket Gateway