Gateway Technology

In over 15 years of designing and implementing automotive gateways, our gateways have been incorporated in dozens of development platforms as well as numerous high volume production modules. Our gateway enables faster vehicle development by allowing newer ECUs with various communication protocols to be integrated into vehicles. Our gateways are often used as "glue modules" during OEM platform development or proof of concept vehicle builds.

Connected Vehicle Gateway (Gateway 6.0)

The Connected Vehicle Gateway is FEV’s sixth-generation general purpose development module. 

It provides message translation across differing vehicle networks, such as high speed CAN, low speed fault tolerant CAN, single-wire CAN, Ethernet, and LIN.  It has numerous wireless protocols integrated such as BTLE, WiFi, etc. It can also be used to emulate a module, transmitting messages and signals based upon switch or sensor I/O and data received over the bus.  It can also control I/O based upon message and signals received from the vehicle network. 

The Connected Vehicle Gateway is capable of supporting all major OEM vehicle networking protocols.

Our Gateway has been used to integrate CE and other devices into the vehicle.

FEV will develop customized Gateway software to meet customer requirements for specific applications.  Software updates can be loaded via the onboard USB port.  Additional information is available here.

Custom Gateway applications may now integrate

  • V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle) communications.  See ADAS and Car2X.
  • V2G (Vehicle to Grid) applications for electric vehicles (via Zigbee, PLC, etc.)

The vehicle bus interface provides a non-intrusive access point to the OEM vehicle network. We can work with OEMs to make a secure connection for third party controllers to access data from multiple vehicle systems over various industry-standard network protocols.