Communications Drivers

One of FEV's areas of expertise is communications drivers.  We've created custom communications drivers with various protocol stacks. 

We have extensive knowledge of the following protocols

  • CAN (including J1939, GMLAN, FNOS, etc.)
  • LIN
  • Bluetooth 2.x, Bluetooth 4.x, 802.x and other wireless protocols
  • RS232, Ethernet protocols

FEV has developed numerous CAN applications using Vector's driver stack and we've created custom drivers for other applications.  We have experience with all of the higher-level protocol layers such as network management, transport protocol and diagnostics.  We've developed applications implementing the diagnostic protocols J2190, J2178, KWP2000 and UDS.  We can design bootloaders, flashloaders, etc.

Our designs have utilized diverse micropocessors (including Freescale, ST, NEC, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, etc.) and transceivers, so we can provide a wealth of knowledge gained through experience.  We have also provided third-party validation of multiple microprocessor/driver combinations.

Please contact us for information on how FEV can help you develop your communication driver application.