CAN to Bluetooth Gateway

Our Bluetooth Gateway (BTGW) provides access to the CAN data bus via a Bluetooth link.  It allows the user to transmit and receive CAN data on up to two simultaneous vehicle networks (one high speed CAN and one single wire CAN) using a Bluetooth compatible device including mobile phones and tablets.  Please contact us regarding device compatibility.

The device is Bluetooth-configurable to transmit both periodic and one-shot CAN messages.  It can filter on specific CAN IDs to reduce bandwidth.  Configurations are stored persistently so that the BTGW retains settings when power is removed.

In stock form, the BTGW offers a robust, capable platform to access the CAN vehicle bus.  Flash re-programmability via Bluetooth allows for BTGW software updates supplied by FEV to be easily uploaded.  We can also work with you to develop custom firmware to better meet your product needs.

Potential Applications

  • Monitor vehicle data wirelessly on various Bluetooth devices
  • Supply network data wirelessly to a flight recorder
  • Read fault codes and troubleshoot vehicle problems 

Also see the CAN to Bluetooth Gateway datasheet.

Please contact us for information on a custom gateway or vehicle bus interface.