Electronics andElectrification

Software Development

and Embedded System Test Center

With competences in engineering support of series production projects, FEV develops hardware components ranging from sensors, actuators and controllers to complete hybrid drivetrains. Our design teams are familiar with all common CAD / CAE tools to design electric and electronic hardware for demonstrator purpose as well as for production.

An example for control unit development is FEV’s Battery Management System, which was designed to meet automotive requirements right from the start. In several hybrid and electric vehicle projects FEV has engineered entire high voltage Lithium Ion battery systems, equipped with FEV Battery Management System and assembled in our workshop.

Our experts are involved in many series production projects as technical contacts for component suppliers to specify the requirements and validate the delivered hardware at the system level.

For component validation FEV has state-of-the art test benches for development, calibration and durability tests of printed circuit boards (PCB), motor/generators, batteries and complete drivetrains.

Powertrain and

Vehicle E/E-Integration

E/E Integration is all about bringing the components together in the vehicle and make them work as a whole. FEV has the overall knowledge to do this, from conventional and hybrid powertrain and transmission control units to body, chassis, vehicle and driver assistance systems including its actuators and sensors. To integrate them in the growing complexity of the individualized vehicle architectures and data streams is today’s challenge.
E/E-Integration projects not only become successful by interconnecting control units but also by establishing the optimal communication between the project partners. For this, FEV is not only experienced in all existing protocols (LiN, CAN, MOST, FlexRay), but also masters many languages due to its worldwide presence. As a full service provider in both supplier management and project management FEV offers complete communication network and wiring harness development from rapid control prototyping to series production development.
Diagnostics by embedded software and by off-board testers is completed by drive-by-wire development and calibration to support the latest OBD and safety standards, like 3-level EGAS safety concept and the FMVSS124 test specification.. Extensive climate controlled test facilities, E/E laboratories and the direct proximity to a test track complete the service portfolio of FEV’s E/E-competence.



State-of-the-art vehicles are controlled by electronic components and software. From active safety systems like ABS/ESP, driver assistance like adaptive cruise control or park pilot up to torque monitoring of conventional and hybrid drivetrains, reliability and accuracy of hardware and software is essential for product maturity.
The introduction of ISO 26262 standardizes on one hand the requirements and the understanding of how to achieve a safe system. On the other hand OEMs, system and component suppliers are forced to adapt their quality processes to comply with the standard. FEV has a long experience in the development of components and systems following standards related to functional safety.
Our competence center for functional safety consists of technical experts with long-term experience in the development of electronic hardware and software, who:

  • provide training and consultancy related to functional safety and ISO 26262
  • act as an independent third party for audits and reviews  
  • develop customized solutions for all kinds of tools and templates related to functional safety
  • support development projects with safety managers to assure conformity to the relevant standards