Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility

For OEMs, suppliers and developers, ADAS and autonomous driving brings a wealth of new tasks. FEV supports its customers from the initial concept to start of production in these new areas of technology.  

Our engineers are knowledgeable on the entire vehicle ecosystem - from propulsion systems to hardware and software - allowing FEV to develop state-of-the-art development platforms for our customers.  

We're bringing concept technologies and vehicles to the street, and are headed toward automated driving. 

Core Competencies

Sensor Fusion 

This is a key element for vehicle environment detection and localization, and FEV has experience with integrating an extensive number of cameras and sensors, including radar, GPS, and Lidar.  

Functional Safety 

Our team provides customized solutions to meet ISO26262 standards. We tailor the safety lifecycle to meet customer specific needs and offer increased confidence in product safety, company-protection and cost efficiency.  

V2X Communications 

Vehicle and infrastructure communication systems are evolving and these systems require advanced control units and sensors to process data. FEV supports the hardware and software development needed to ensure safe and reliable V2X communication occurs.

Automated Test Systems  

FEV is a global leader in test, validation and controls solutions. We combine modular hardware and software to develop custom test systems for propulsion and autonomous system applications.  


As one of the only cybersecurity providers in the automotive industry, we takes security into account at the beginning of component development. Our end-to-end solutions detect and prevent attacks on a vehicle, and ensure the maximum potential of security at all times.  


FEV offers a comprehensive benchmarking analysis of the latest ADAS components, including sensors, radar, Lidar, and software. Additionally, the FEV Smart Vehicle Demonstrator serves as a proof of concept demonstrator for new technologies.

FEV specialists around the globe are working to innovate and advance the next generation of autonomous vehicles. Our Smart Vehicle Demonstrator fleet is a flexible platform that enables our engineers to make their innovations in ADAS and automated driving features more tangible.  

Stay up-to-date on our Smart Vehicle features and learn more about our SAE Level 4+ automated driving capabilities here: