05. March 2019

SVEN – Shared Vehicle Electric Native – optimized for urban mobility

Introducing SVEN – Shared Vehicle Electric Native

SVEN – Shared Vehicle Electric Native

“SVEN,” the newly developed vehicle concept, is optimized to meet the specific needs of carsharing. A combination of high customization, practicality, and economic efficiency appeals to an environmentally conscious and agile audience.

SVEN has a very compact design – perfect for the city.
Thanks to its 2.5 m length and 1.75 m width, SVEN is right at home in narrow, inner-city traffic and fits into even the smallest parking spaces. A convenient exit is guaranteed even when perpendicular parking thanks to the sliding door with minimal space requirements. As a 2+1 seater, SVEN can be used flexibly and not only enables three people to ride, but also transforms into a small van when the passenger seats are folded down, allowing for the storage of larger goods. It is noteworthy that, despite its very small size, special attention was paid to the safety of the passenger compartment during the development of the design. Thanks to the innovative and flexible body concept, “FlexBody,” SVEN achieves a high degree of crash safety.

SVEN is fully powered by electricity and is therefore emission free.
With increasingly stringent emission limits in cities, SVEN's pure electric drive offers an interesting alternative for environmentally conscious drivers. Agile driving is ensured by the 24 KW electric motor in conjunction with a battery capacity of 20 KWh, which only needs be recharged after 140 km (measured in WLTP).

SVEN – A cost-effective solution for driving from point A to point B.
In order to keep both the investment and the running costs as low as possible, all design and functionality decisions concerning SVEN were made in terms of optimal cost-benefit relevance. 

Carsharing is one hundred percent in SVEN’s DNA.
As a fully networked vehicle, SVEN not only makes it easier for carsharing users to find its current position using the s2d app, but also makes it possible to balance the energy required for the route with the battery level of the vehicle. By opening their individual profile, the users can also adjust parameters in the vehicle such as interior temperature, desired seating position, or favorite audio playlist before the start of the journey. Once configured, using SVEN during the drive is very intuitive and quickly learned. All vehicle functions can be accessed using just eight switches and buttons. The vehicle is also easy to clean because the interior is made exclusively of easy to clean functional materials and the floor is flat. In addition, SVEN's modular design allows for cost-effective maintenance of the vehicle through the simple exchange of elements such as the body paneling. Always connected, SVEN’s IT architecture is designed for maximum use of vehicle data and offers user-specific solutions. Thus, the operator can assign different feature and pricing models to defined user groups. The categories stored in the vehicle can be used to establish staggered usage models.

SVEN – equipped for autonomous driving in the city of tomorrow.
The vehicle is designed for autonomous driving. In conjunction with intelligent detection and control software, the integrated camera and radar systems allow SVEN to drive autonomously. SVEN offers a variety of new opportunities for users of carsharing services in the urban traffic of tomorrow.

Technical data

Doors: 2

Seats: 3

Dimensions (L/W/H): 2,500 x 1,750 x 1,600 mm

Turning radius: <8 m

Empty weight: 850 kg

Drive type: Rear

Loading capacity: 210 l / 580 l (passenger seats flipped down)

Output: 24 KW

Maximum speed: 120 km/h

Battery capacity: 20 KWh

Range: 140 km (WLTP)


About share2drive
share2drive GmbH, headquartered in Aachen, Germany, was founded in 2015 as a spin-off from the University of Applied Sciences Aachen. share2drive creates innovative solutions for the mobility of the future. The company’s core product is SVEN (Shared Vehicle Electric Native), a vehicle that was designed for urban transport, specifically carsharing and fleets. 

About FEV

FEV has always pushed the limits.
FEV is a globally leading engineering provider in the automotive industry and internationally recognized leader of innovation across different sectors and industries. Professor Franz Pischinger laid the foundations by combining his background in academia and engineering with a great vision for continual progress. The company has supplied solutions and strategy consulting to the world's largest automotive OEMs and has supported customers through the entire transportation and mobility ecosystem. 

As the world continues to evolve, so does FEV.
That’s why FEV is unleashing its technological and strategic expertise into other areas. It applies its forward thinking to the energy sector. And its software and system know-how will enable the company to lead the way making intelligent solutions available to everyone. FEV brings together the brightest minds from different backgrounds and specialties to find new solutions for both current and future challenges. 

But FEV won’t stop there. 
Looking ahead, FEV continues to push the limits of innovation. With its highly qualified >7300 employees at more than 40 locations globally, FEV imagines solutions that don’t just meet today’s needs but tomorrow’s. Ultimately, FEV keeps evolving – to a better, cleaner future built on sustainable mobility, energy and software that drives everything. For the company’s partners, its people and the world.