16. June 2015

Latest Test Systems Solutions from Both D2T and FEV Being Exhibited at the Testing Expo in Stuttgart

Combination represents the “best of two worlds – Joining forces for customer success”

Presented at FEV booth 1200 at Testing Expo Stuttgart: FEVFlex is a central information management system that provides a highly integrated solution to connect employees and information to achieve more efficiency of test facilities (Source: FEV GmbH).

At Testing Expo booth 1818 French test systems and engineering service provider D2T, the latest member of FEV Group, presents its xMod, a co-simulation platform that allows simultaneous modeling of transmission, vehicle and driver (Source: D2T S.A.).

Aachen/ Stuttgart – June 16, 2015 – Following FEV’s acquisition of D2T, announced in March, 2015, FEV and D2T will jointly exhibit at this year’s Testing Expo in booths 1200 and 1818 (Hall 1) in Stuttgart. The combined FEV and D2T exhibit offers “The best of two worlds” as the two companies join forces for the benefit of their customer’s success. FEV and D2T will demonstrate their combined product and service portfolios.
One area of emphasis will be test systems tools that enable the user-transfer of significant development steps from “road-to-rig” or even from “rig-to-simulation” in order to save development time. “The perfectly complementary product lines of D2T and FEV cause immediate synergies and benefits as well as added value for our customers. All of our product lines will continue to be available to our customers. Soon they will be extended to include the functionality of “the other world,” providing the optimal conditions to achieve a high degree of modularity and compatibility in our products,” said Professor Stefan Pischinger, president and CEO of the FEV Group.

More efficient use of test facilities and prototypes is the most important question but, increasingly, the use of knowledge capital is also becoming a key productivity factor. The FEVFlex platform provides a central information system featuring a highly efficient and integrated solution that both connects employees with information and ensures its preservation. The central feature of FEVFlex is extremely simple operation.

FEVcal: Powerful DoE tool
The new DoE tool FEVcal is the latest member of FEV’s central TOPEXPERT platform of innovative calibration tools and offers user-friendly operation combined with an excellent visualization concept. “We have adapted today’s state-of-the-art global modeling techniques based on Gaussian processes to also address the specific characteristics of engine and powertrain modeling“, explained Dr. Albert Haas, group vice president of Test Systems at FEV. “This approach, combined with intuitive visualization and user guidance, enables the engineer to quickly investigate and optimize the engine’s behavior.“

Robust and highly accurate measurement and testing hardware
FEV and D2T specialists will be on-hand at Testing Expo to provide details about FEV’s broad range of measurement and conditioning systems, featuring robust tools such as the LubCon oil conditioning system and the CoolCon coolant conditioner. FEV’s exhibit will also highlight highly accurate tools with unique measuring principles and calibration routines – including the air consumption meter AirRate, the fuel conditioning / fuel consumption measurement FuelCon / FuelRate and FEV’s raw emission measurement system FEVER. One of the unique features of these devices is that the measurement data acquired with these tools is forwarded to the FEV Test Cell Manager (TCM), the well-proven test automation system, where the data can be further processed with the FEVALYS data analysis system.

Connection as key to success
The newest member of FEV Group, the measurement technology and engineering services provider D2T, will present an engine-in-the-loop test field in Booth 1818. This exhibit will demonstrate the combined strengths of the Morphee test field automation and the flexibility of the xMod simulation software. Morphee has become a worldwide standard in test automation with 2,500 licenses, 10,000 users, and 12 million testing-rotation hours per year. xMod allows simultaneous modeling of the transmission, vehicle and driver. “The result of the interaction of both products is a real-time, connected, multi-model simulation platform which allows for early testing and optimization of engine controls,” explained Philippe Lacassagne, who has worldwide responsibility for sales of test systems within the FEV Group. At the 2015 Testing Expo, D2T will present the first Morphee version running in a 64-bit Windows 7 environment. Morphee is now able to perform model based online calibration, thus saving users up to 70 percent of test time.

All of the exhibited FEV products can be operated with the Morphee test automation system and Morphee measurement data can be analyzed with FEVALYS, demonstrating the strength of the combined FEV/D2T constellation.

About FEV
The FEV Group with headquarters in Aachen, Germany, is an internationally recognized development service provider for drive and vehicle technologies. The company offers its global transport industry customers a complete range of engineering services, providing support in the design, analysis and prototyping for powertrain and transmission development, as well as vehicle integration, calibration and homologation for advanced internal combustion gasoline-, diesel-, and alternative-fuelled powertrains. FEV's competencies also include design, development and prototyping of innovative vehicle concepts, powertrain electronic control systems and hybrid-electric engine concepts that address future emission and fuel economy standards. The Test Systems division is a global supplier of advanced test cell, instrumentation and test equipment. The FEV Group employs a staff of over 3,800 highly skilled specialists at advanced technical centres on three continents.  

About D2T

D2T is headquartered in Trappes, France. D2T’s customers include distinguished OEMs and suppliers of the automotive, commercial vehicle, marine and aviation industries, as well as oil companies and research and development institutions. Until the takeover by FEV, D2T was a 100 % affiliate to IFP Investissements.