27. June 2014

FEV displays testing expertise at Automotive Testing Expo 2014 Europe

Premier exhibition for testing provides opportunity for FEV to demonstrate broad capabilities, tools for testing

Aachen, 27th of June, 2014 – FEV GmbH, a global leader in engineering services for propulsion and advanced vehicle systems, recently exhibited its expertise in testing during the Automotive Testing Expo 2014 Europe, which took place in Stuttgart, Germany, 24 – 26 of June, 2014. FEV demonstrated its capabilities in successful implementation of turnkey projects, and a wide range of software and hardware tools it has developed for internal use and use by customers. Prof. Stefan Pischinger, CEO and shareholder of Aachen-based FEV GmbH, made the announcement.

“A cornerstone of our business has always been powertrain testing and validation,” stated Prof. Pischinger. “Using our knowledge of powertrain systems, we have developed various tools that provide information in greater detail, allowing us to isolate specific issues within a system, and make or recommend improvements. Our testing has expanded to include electric vehicle, hybrid-electric, and transmissions as well, in order to fully evaluate and improve new propulsion technologies.”

Specific software and hardware technologies include:

FEV Aerometer T4 and T5

The FEV Aerometer T4 has become a trusted device in performance testing of oil aeration. Now, FEV has developed the next-generation performance testing device, the T5. The system is compatible with any engine type on the basis of the entire gas content in the oil, both free and dissolved, a definition recognized as standard. The T5 improves on the measuring principle of the T4, adding fully automatic operation,10 bar pressure at 150 C, in a smaller package.

Test Cell Management (TCM) / Test Object Management Suite

The TCM is a complete test cell management system providing control of typical test cell operations, including data acquisition and logging, limit monitoring, live data visualization, device control and coordination and full automatic operation, all in a Windows 7 environment. TCM is robust and compliant to ASAM MCD, ACI, ODS, AK Protocol, CanOpen, TCP/IP EtherCat standards, and its open architecture allows for extension and modification by the customer.

TOPexpert ASM Box

Part of FEVs TOPexpert suite of tools, the Actuator Sensor Manipulation (ASM) Box provides OBD failure simulation by sensor and actuator manipulation. Designed especially for U.S. homologation, no actual faulty hardware is required resulting in approximately 20 percent cost savings in a typical use case. The ASM Box can manipulate injection systems, CAN messages, and can simulate EGR valve failure among other tasks. The ASM Box is rugged, for in vehicle use, and incorporates the Marlab / Simulink toolkit for generation of an arbitrary failure pattern.

FEVIS Product Suite

FEV has expanded its line of FEVIS combustion analysis tools to include three offerings. In addition to the FEVIS standard, FEV offers a FEVIS baseline product as a cost effective entry system, and FEVIS compact, a portable yet robust system. The compact and standard systems provide multiple physical and logical interfaces, allowing for use in conjunction with hardware from a variety of manufacturers.

Human Machine Interface Test System (HMIts)

The HMIts, developed by FEV subsidiary DGE, Inc. provides end-to-end testing from external telematics or infotainment devices, such as smart phones, to the car and back. The DGE system was developed internally, and allows each tool to be quickly reconfigured in order to characterize and identify defects as they arise. This is a major advantage as next-generation infotainment and telematics systems will integrate both vehicular and cloud-based devices.


FEVER Raw is a raw emissions measurement tool capable of measuring CO2, CO, O2, THC, CH4, NO, and NOx. The unit can run one or two lines, and is useful in evaluation of standard and alternative fuels and SCR development.

FEV Panel

The FEV Panel is designed as a versatile solution for test bench control. The panel removes much of the complexity, providing innovative and user-friendly operation, while still able to handle comprehensive system information.

FEV LubCon

FEV LubCon is a conditioning unit for lubrication oil that provides constant boundary conditions to achieve representative and reproducible test results. Benefits of the system include:

  • Decrease of necessary measuring points for validation of small changes in measuring results
  • Decrease of measuring time due to faster processing of desired constant measuring boundary conditions
  • Lower costs
  • Shorter testing lead time
  • Reduced use of resources (personnel, test bench, equipment)

The benefit of establishing defined starting conditions by preconditioning the engine include:

  • Improved utilization of shorter living or susceptible measuring equipment
  • Engines with optical accessibility
  • Measuring equipment using optical fibers
  • Improved utilization of test cells which require defined staring conditions (cold starts)


The FEV developed FEVALYS is a Windows-based test cell automation tool for analysis and visualization of data obtained during engine and vehicle development and testing. The data can be obtained in either steady state or transient state. The system uses an integrated approach for data browsing, calculation and report generation, and is based on the predefined formula catalog from FEV’s extensive analysis database.

FEV FuelCon

The FEV system for fuel conditioning and fuel rate system is a highly precise fuel measurement system that simultaneously offers short measuring times. The fuel circuit is completely free of non-ferrous metals, making it adaptable to test cells that use new alternative fuel variants. The FEV FuelCon System is a one-size-fits-all type of device that is suitable for a large range of engine types, ensuring good utilization of the equipment without the need for a variety of devices that are sized for different engines.

FEV AirRate

FEV AirRate is a state-of-the-art measuring system for combustion air mass flow for engines ranging from single cylinder to heavy duty. It provides high accuracy air mass flow metering over the entire measuring range.

FEV testing capabilities have been an outgrowth of its expertise in powertrain engineering. As it encountered different challenges in engine development, it often simultaneously developed the testing mechanism, both hardware and software, that enable it to provide state-of-the-art results.