03. March 2014

FEV Consulting launches North American Practice

Auburn Hills, MI (March 3, 2014) - FEV Consulting, a global strategic management consultancy and member of the FEV Group has announced the launch of its US practice, FEV Consulting, Inc. The move comes on the heels of the growth and success experienced by its flagship, German practice, FEV Consulting GmbH, with offices presently in Aachen and Munich. Founded in 2011, FEV Consulting GmbH has been providing management consulting services to a wide portfolio of clients in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. The opening of the US office represents a logical progression in the fulfillment of its vision of a global consulting practice. 

"We are already active in the North American market. Commencing US operations will help us better serve the needs of existing clients in the region, while continuing to expand the reach of FEV Consulting to new clients, industries, and issues," said Alex Nase, Managing Director of FEV Consulting GmbH. "Our combination of deep technical knowledge and solid business fundamentals represents a unique and compelling value proposition for organizations striving to align technology with the performance of their businesses," he added.

Focusing on the key areas of strategy, technology, growth, and operations, FEV Consulting advises customers ranging from OEMs and suppliers in the automotive, off-road, aerospace and energy industries, to investors, banks and private equity firms. "Whether it's helping a client plan their future product line, get to the bottom of quality issues, or enter a new market, our goal is to create a lasting impact that can be sustained by the client long after our job is done," said Nase.

FEV Consulting, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of FEV North America, Inc. and is presently co-located at FEV North America, Inc.'s operations in Auburn Hills, MI. "This strategic move aligns perfectly with our increasing role as a thought leader in the areas of transportation, energy, and environmental sustainability," said Dr. Patrick Hupperich, President and CEO of FEV North America, Inc. "Combining our 30 years of engineering innovation, pre-production development, production development, and value engineering with management disciplines is in lock-step with our vision for delivering added value to our North American customers, while continuing to expand our reach into new markets," he added.

"Our customers achieve the highest degree of success when their product innovations are supported by the right business strategy. FEV Consulting has brought that strategic capability to our suite of services, marrying the engineering excellence we are known for with business and entrepreneurial intelligence. We are eager to extend this end-to-end capability to the North American market," said Prof. Stefan Pischinger, FEV Group President and CEO.

About FEV Consulting
FEV Consulting is a global strategic management consultancy, and member of the FEV Group. The firm offers a complete range of consulting services, blending business fundamentals with the technical expertise and industry knowledge of the FEV Group. Clients range from original equipment manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive, on- and off-highway transportation arena, to companies in the aerospace, defense and energy industries, as well as investors, banks and private equity enterprises. The firm's services span the areas of technology, strategy, growth, and operations with a focus on creating change that is both transformational and sustainable. FEV Consulting GmbH operates in Germany through its offices in Aachen and Munich. The firm's US practice, FEV Consulting, Inc. is located the Detroit metropolitan area.