07. October 2013

FEV and Neander Motors AG develop world’s first turbo-diesel outboard marine engine

Fuel efficient, powerful, compact engine will be displayed at Aachen Colloquium

Aachen, Germany, October 7, 2013 – FEV a leading developer of advanced powertrain and vehicle system technologies based in Aachen, Germany, will be showing the diesel outboard marine engine developed in cooperation with Neander Motors AG. It will be on display in FEV’s exhibit, Stand 4, at the Aachen Colloquium, 7 – 9 Oct., 2013 at the Eurogress in Aachen.

As a new participant in the marine engine market, Neander Motors looked to collaborate in developing a small outboard engine for the competitive 40 to 60 horsepower commercial market. This market is dominated by transport, hauling and commercial fishing. It created a global development and manufacturing team that focused its efforts over the past two years on creating this engine. FEV provided CAE and testing support for this innovative program.

“Outboard marine engines today are almost exclusively gasoline and have many advantages, including small size, low weight and cost, and ease of installation and servicing. Neander’s approach, creating the first outboard diesel in the relatively high volume 40 to 70 hp market offering the high torque-to-weight ratio, specific fuel consumption and potential tax advantages of a diesel design, is an evolutionary development, and we are pleased to have been part of the project.” said Prof. Stefan Pischinger, CEO of FEV GmbH.

Displacing just 800 cc, the Neander diesel features a chain-driven camshaft, hydraulic chain tensioner, common-rail direct fuel injection and “square” 80 mm bore and stroke. What makes it truly unique, however, is its double crankshaft. Each piston pin is designed as a “space ball” connected to a pair of side-by-side connecting rods that drive a pair of offset counter-rotating crankshafts. This distinctive layout results in an efficient, light, compact and powerful engine with exemplary smoothness and refinement.

The inline two-cylinder turbo-diesel has a maximum rated speed of 4,500 rpm at which it produces 55 hp/45 kW. Maximum torque is 120 Nm, generated at 2,000 rpm. In its most basic form, the Neander Motors outboard weighs 155 kg, stands 1241 mm tall, and is available in both 20-in and 25-in shaft versions.

The engine will also be shown as adapted for a motorcycle developed by Neander.