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Dr. Ulrich Pfahl appointed Chairman of the Executive Board of FEV Asia GmbH

20. December 2019

Aachen, December 2019 – Effective January 1, 2020, Dr. Ulrich Pfahl will become Chairman of the Executive Board of FEV Asia GmbH. In this position, he will be responsible for the business activities of the FEV subsidiaries in...

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FEV Presents Technologies and Solutions for Sustainable Mobility at Aachen Colloquium China

08. November 2019

Beijing, November 2019 – At this year's 9th Aachen Colloquium China Automobile and Engine Technology, global vehicle developer FEV is concentrating on the core issues of sustainable mobility. FEV´s capabilities cover the...

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FEV Designated as Strategic Integrator for PolySync’s DriveKit System

30. October 2019

Partnership provides DriveKit customers advanced autonomous driving technology development, installation and testing services

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“Zero CO2 Mobility” – International conference presents solutions for carbon dioxide-neutral mobility

29. October 2019

Aachen, October 2019 – The “climate package” recently presented by the German government shows how additional measures are necessary in reducing pollutant emissions and stopping climate change. For some, the decision does not go...

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FEV Presents Groundbreaking Developments for Sustainable Mobility at Aachen Colloquium

07. October 2019

Aachen, October 2019 – Every fall, automotive industry experts meet to discuss the latest developments for the future of mobility at the Aachen Colloquium Automobile and Engine Technology (ACK). Global vehicle developer, FEV,...

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Light in Sight: FEV Subsidiary Develops Micro-Lens Array for Automotive Applications

30. September 2019

Aachen, September 2019 – In addition to environmentally friendly drive concepts and automated driving, progress is also being made in other areas of the automotive industry. Lighting design is gaining importance with regard to...

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Efficient Data Management for Autonomous Driving: FEV accelerates development time with Microsoft Azure

05. September 2019

Frankfurt/Aachen, September 2019 – Automated driving functions and autonomous driving fundamentally influence the way we will move in future. Validating these functions require systems that recognize the various scenarios in road...

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Fahrzeugentwicklung für die Mobilität von Morgen

03. September 2019

Aachen, September – Die Herausforderungen der Elektromobilität lassen sich am besten direkt vor Ort bei den Entwicklern studieren. Der SPD-Bundestagsabgeordnete Andreas Rimkus war deshalb zu Gast beim Aachener...

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Modern 3.0L Duramax Diesel Engine from General Motors with Global Development Involvement of FEV

26. August 2019

Aachen, August – The latest generation of advanced diesel engines contributes significantly to reducing CO2 emissions in the transport sector through their high combustion efficiency. In particular larger and heavier vehicles...

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FEV North America receives Toyota Supplier Award for the second consecutive year

31. July 2019

Auburn Hills (Michigan, USA) / Aachen, July 2019 – Engineering services provider FEV North America, Inc. (FEV) was recently presented with the 2019 Supplier Award for Superior Performance for work conducted with Toyota Motor...

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