IMPORTANT: Due to COVID-19 the entire conference will be taking place online with streamed presentations and live discussions.

Conference Program

This year the international FEV conference on "Zero CO2 Mobility" will take place online. As a digital conference the event will offer a platform for strategic discussion on the potential and performance of various zero CO2 emission strategies and introduce the latest developments in the fields of battery technologies, fuel cells and e-fuels. Presentations will be streamed online, followed by live Q&A sessions with the speakers. Please register online to get access to all the streamed presentations and join the exchange.

Please visit our website from time to time to be aware of possible changes in the conference program.

Download the official Zero CO2 Mobility 2020 conference program



Day 1 - November 10, 2020
8:10am – 15:30pm (Central European Time)

Conference program:
BMWi, Siemens, Shell, Saudi Aramco, VDA, BDI, MWV and more...

Day 2 - November 11, 2020
08:15am – 15:30pm (Central European Time)

Conference program:
Dena, Volkswagen, Bosch, Deutz, VDL, ElringKlinger, Ballard and more...



  • What drives the automotive industry towards zero CO2 mobility?
  • How do we get low CO2 emission energy carriers to the road?
  • What is the future European capacity on renewable electricity?
  • Energy system: How will the energy be converted, transported and stored in the future?
  • Energy carrier: Which energy carriers enable the road transport to protect our climate?
  • Passenger cars: How can passenger cars get to zero CO2 mobility?
  • Powertrain concepts for urban mobility – Public Transport