01 Kamal Abrami
Intern at FEV

"Only just out of the lecture hall, now side by side
with experienced development engineers -
the perfect preparation for a sucessfull start
into the working life."


As an Engineering student, the opportunity to intern at FEV has been a valuable experience.  At FEV I was able to actually work side by side with experienced engineers on interesting and challenging projects. Everyone treated me just like another engineer on the team.

I was fortunate to work with some very brilliant and talented engineers at FEV.  My desire and passion for engineering is stronger than ever after my experience at FEV.  

Internship Program at FEV USA – FEV North America Inc. located in Auburn Hills, Michigan USA, credits its international student internship program for helping to find talented young engineers for each of the company's technical facilities. In cooperation with Aachen University, the FEV internship program has been in existence for almost 20 years. Many of the interns have gone on to become full-time FEV employees after graduation.

FEV has very high standards for its internship students. They must exhibit leadership ability and have hands-on experience with automobiles, and engines in particular. The interns should have a high level of technical knowledge, as well as enthusiasm to thrive on the complex issues facing vehicle propulsion in the future. FEV is continuously looking for mechanical and electrical engineering students to join its International Internship Program.

One of FEV's internship students who recently graduated with his engineering degree stated: "I believe FEV did an excellent job preparing me for the real-world experiences I now face as a full-time employee. I'm grateful to work with such a knowledgeable, helpful and professional team of engineers."

Some benefits of FEV’s international student program include:

  • Enrichment of English language skills and experiencing American culture
  • Thesis and student research project opportunities in NVH, gasoline and diesel engine development, electronics & controls, hybrid and vehicle integration areas
  • Internship duration of one year
  • Salary, shared car and shared furnished apartment with another international student, flight reimbursement and tax filing assistance