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    • Define and refine system specifications and requirements, ensuring alignment with customer needs and industry standards
    • Conduct the development of automotive systems by applying function deployment, system engineering, requirements engineering, and MBSE methodologies
    • Utilize your expertise in MBSE tools and techniques to create and maintain system models that capture both functional and non-functional aspects
    • Drive the translation of high-level requirements into detailed technical specifications, ensuring clarity and traceability throughout the development process
    • Champion the use of system engineering best practices, contributing to the creation of robust and efficient architectures that meet performance, safety, and reliability targets
    • Collaborate with customers to understand their needs, tailoring architectural solutions to address specific challenges and requirements
    • Contribute to proposal development by offering technical insights and expertise, helping to secure new business opportunities
    • Participate actively in design reviews, validation processes, and testing activities to ensure the successful realization of architectural designs
    • Conduct tests of automotive systems and ECUs through Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL), integration test benches and vehicles
    • Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to understand system requirements and develop comprehensive test plans and scenarios
    • Configure and maintain HIL setups and test benches to emulate real-world conditions for accurate testing of automotive components
    • Design, develop, and execute integration tests to verify the interactions and compatibility of various subsystems within complex automotive systems
    • Analyse and troubleshooting test results, identifying and resolving issues in collaboration with hardware and software engineers
    • Develop and maintain automated test scripts and procedures, enhancing efficiency and repeatability in the testing process
    • Provide clear and concise documentation of test procedures, results, and findings for internal and external stakeholders
    • Collaborate with project managers, engineers and suppliers to ensure timely delivery of high-quality test results within project timelines
    • Participate actively in design reviews, validation processes, and testing activities to ensure the successful implementation of customer requirements
    • Deliver end-to-end ECU component development projects, from concept to validation, interfacing and negotiating requirements with suppliers
    • Collaborate with experienced engineers to design, develop, integrating & testing ADAS features, spanning the full V-model lifecycle
    • Conduct feasibility studies and technical analysis to support ECU design decisions and performance optimizations
    • Design and develop robust Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) test features for thorough validation of ADAS functionalities
    • Gain hands-on experience in setting up and executing comprehensive testing scenarios within the HIL environment and prototype vehicles
    • Learn to troubleshoot and diagnose software and hardware issues related to ADAS systems and HIL testing
    • Create professional documentation, incl. specifications, test procedures, technical reports
    • Collaborate with mentors and senior engineers, absorbing knowledge and skills in ADAS and HIL testing
    • You manage SW development projects in the field of embedded software for e-mobility solutions, e.g. battery management systems, vehicle control units
    • You have the technical and commercial responsibility for results in the project, including precise tracking of the project's financial situation as well as sustainable and skillful management of additional expenses (change management)
    • You shape and coordinate the project team, leading the sub-project managers and managing the suppliers by having a very good overview of all technical, financial and personnel issues of the project
    • You ensure decision making and take ownership based on meaningful recommendations from sub-project managers
    • You are responsible for compliance and continuous improvement of all project relevant processes
    • You ensure the necessary coordination and communication with customers, internal departments as well as internal and external project partners
    • You conduct management-appropriate reporting and independent escalation of necessary issues
    • You evaluate projects with regard to innovation capability and expandability
    • Your duty is to conduct project planning during acquisitions and support in the preparation of offers
    • You continuously improve and monitor of compliance with project management processes
    • You guide and coordinate project managers of further projects
    • You develop new business areas for current and new projects and support of optimization of the BU portfolio
    • You contribute to our R&D roadmap, evaluate e-mobility research activities and steer PhD, BA, MA topics with the aim to leverage synergies with our commercial project landscape


    • You will be responsible for the organizational and technical management of the "Concept Simulation e-drive and Transmission" team
    • You take over the technical responsibility for the topics concerning the team
    • You coordinate globally on the topics and take a leading role for the Business Unit
    • You are responsible for recruiting and personnel development and the further development of the team
    • You support the external presentation by creating presentations, speeches as well as active participation in acquisition processes
    • Your tasks include the E/E development of battery systems
    • You will be responsible for the requirements management of battery components such as BDU ("Battery Disconnect Unit"), the LV or HV cabling within the battery, BMS hardware, etc.
    • You take over the E/E and EMC calculations and simulations
    • You create E/E layouts and circuit diagrams
    • You develop HV isolation and safety concepts
    • You are responsible for test and validation planning, including the execution of tests on test benches at component and vehicle level, taking into account national and international regulations and standards (e.g. ISO6469, IEC60664, ...).

  • You'll be placed within the battery system and safety engineering team at FEV which develops battery system solutions from cell and concept selection into series production.

    You'll have the opportunity to work on one of the most trending topics of the decade and autonomously deal with following topics:

    • Battery safety engineering in customer projects
    • Development of battery system safety concepts
    • Creation, discussion, and handling of safety requirement specifications
    • Pro-actively progress the technical safety solutions within the technical areas
    • Discussion of specific requirements and tests
    • Discussion with customers and suppliers
  • ■ Interface with customers to understand their specific requirements, provide technical support, and address any inquiries related to the model-based design software

    ■ Maintain project plans, monitor progress, and report status updates regularly to both internal stakeholders and customers

    ■ Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define project requirements and system specifications, ensuring alignment with customer needs and industry standards

    ■ Design, develop and validate advanced automotive control software models, ensuring they meet industry standards and performance requirements

    ■ Guide and oversee team members in the design, development and validation of automotive control software models

    ■ Troubleshoot and resolve complex technical issues that may arise during the software development and integration process

    ■ Contribute to continuous process improvement initiatives to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the model-based software design workflow

    • enjoys working in software application in the area of electrics/electronics (E/E) and OBD-1 of powertrain control units of conventional, hybridized and purely electric vehicles
    • would like to take over the application responsibility for functional scopes and/or vehicle variants
    • ensures the application maturity of the series (e.g. for milestone discussions)
    • coordinates tasks between all involved roles and parties (e.g. vehicle manager, test manager, etc.)
    • takes over reporting to our project management and our customers
    • Attends regular meetings with the project management to clarify open technical issues
    • supports/leads procedural activities to define/adapt processes to different customer projects in the automotive sector
    • defines and adapts processes following ASPICE/ISO26262/ISO21434 guidelines
    • drives process improvement
    • implements efficient quality management in individual projects and participates in required project reviews and audits
    • defines, tracks and analyses metrics and KPIs to quantify the quality of project results
    • mentors less experienced colleagues

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