Tester Maintenance

and Support

Let FEV save your company time, money, and resources by providing hardware/software maintenance and support for your entire suite of custom or 3rd-party test equipment.


  • ECU Functional Testers
  • Rack/Bench/Buck Setups
  • Simulators (Engine, Trans, etc.)
  • Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) Systems
  • End of Line Testers

From ECU functional testers to complex vehicle simulators, our engineers and technicians have the knowledge and experience to keep your tester operations running smoothly.  We will work to diagnose each problem, develop a course of action, and implement the solution.

We'll also provide clear documentation of any repairs or changes made to your test systems.

FEV can provide hardware and software upgrades for your existing ECU test systems.  For example, new ECU functions may require upgrades to the tester software GUI controls and algorithms.  New hardware circuits or loads may also be required to better simulate the ECU’s native environment. 

We will work within your pre-existing testers' design to add support for new features.  If you require new test equipment, FEV's hardware and software engineers can also work with you to develop and build custom tester solutions.

Dedicated Support Staff for Your Test Systems

  • On-Site Engineer/Technician (full or part time)
  • 24 hour Response time in the Continental U.S., Europe, and other parts of the world.

Support Services

  • Hardware and software tester maintenance

    • Keep existing equipment functioning properly
    • Perform preventative maintenance
    • Troubleshoot and Repair damaged units

  • Hardware and software tester upgrades
  • EMC hardening of test equipment
  • New equipment design and build
  • Testing services (including setup, consulting)
  • Replacement parts/equipment inventory management
  • Documentation
  • User training
  • Project management

FEV will work with you to create a support contract tailored to your organization's specific needs.

Please contact us for more information.