Vehicle Network Architecture and Validation

FEV will make sure that all the electronic modules in your vehicle communicate properly.

Vehicle Architecture

Our engineers are experts in vehicle network architecture.  We have been involved in multiplexed communications in the vehicle since the beginning.  We have extensive experience with various communication protocols.  We can help you with specification development, application development, and validation.  We'll make sure that all of the components of the system function in harmony.

Network Validation Testing

We can validate your network systems at the microprocessor, ECU, subsystem or vehicle-level. 

Our vehicle validation suite includes:

  • Signal Timing & Level Measurement
  • Operation and Parameter Measurement During Module Offsetting
  • Arbitration Testing
  • Resistance and Capacitance Measurement
  • Message Traffic Capture and Analysis 

Testing can be performed under a variety of environmental conditions.  Additional information is available here.

FEV engineers have been extensively involved in validating communications bus systems and have been instrumental in exposing and resolving a number of potential issues before vehicles go into production.

Issues uncovered by FEV vehicle network validations:

  • Signal bit timings/voltage levels out of specified range
  • Signal characteristics unacceptably affected by temperature / offset / low voltage 
  • Improper arbitration or loss of arbitration handling
  • Improper interframe timing (negates arbitration)
  • Inconsistent behavior due to heavy bus utilization
  • ECU operating voltage out of specification
  • Erratic behavior under low or dropout voltage conditions
  • ECU or network wakeup under unexpected conditions
  • Introduction of noise to the bus by a particular ECU/tool
  • Improper message cycle rate, length, message format