Telematics and Infotainment

Human Machine Interface Test System

Are you looking for a faster, more reliable, and less expensive way to test and validate your HMI for a Head Unit, Cluster, Center Stack, Heads-Up Display, etc.?


FEV’s patented HMIts (Human Machine Interface Test System) automates the tedious task of validating user interfaces containing Speech, Video, Touch, and Smart Phones typically found in vehicle head units and other multi-media devices.  The award-winning HMIts is easy to configure for different types of tests and applications and the system also logs all data for faster issues analysis and debug.

By utilizing imaging, voice recognition, vehicle networking, and other technologies, we've developed an automated system to validate all of the user interaction functionality of a modern telematics and infotainment device.

Previously done entirely manually by human resources over a long period of time, the HMIts reduces test time by 67% while increasing reliability and providing an ROI of less than five (5) months.

If you struggle to find a reliable, consistent, and cost effective solution to validate your ever changing HMI then the HMIts is essential.  The majority of customer complaints on a device are HMI related – don’t let that happen to you!  Let the HMIts set you apart from your competition!

Connected Vehicle

FEV's automotive electronics system experience and familiarity with the OEM design cycle has been harnessed by a number of telematics and infotainment providers.  We design the various vehicle interfaces, power moding schemes and diagnostics, and we assist our customers with ECU testing and validation as well as complete integration of telematics devices into the OEM vehicle.

FEV's Connected Vehicle technologies include our Telematics System Testers and Human Machine Interface Test Systems.  Please watch this video to learn more about FEV's Connected Vehicle end-to-end design, test & validation capabilities.

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Telematics and Infotainment Development

DGE has developed a number of telematics applications and subsystems which include analog I/O, serial data interfaces, GPS and dead reckoning algorithms, power management, diagnostics, Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) design, and CE device integration.

Telematics Control Unit (TCU)

FEV has worked with a partner to develop a next generation Telematics Control Unit (TCU) designed specifically for the Automotive OEM environment. Our ground-breaking TCU provides connectivity for embedded applications in the head unit or standalone applications that can be accessed from a Smartphone or Desktop. Software FEV's TCU platform is based upon an embedded Linux Operating System that provides a unique automotive grade platform for delivering reliable and secure connectivity solutions.

Please see our TCU datasheet or contact us for additional information.

Numerous telematics devices have incorporated various FEV hardware and software designs and technologies.

Telematics Test Systems

Our telematics test systems are “smart,” robust, programmable, expandable, and designed anticipate our customers' needs. Examples of our telematics testers include the following: