FEV's designers and skilled technicians can assist you in producing limited run or prototype sensors for your project.

During the development/concept stage of a project, you may need some hand-built sensors for prototyping or to prove out a concept before moving on to production.  Your project may be at a stage where you simply can not commit to high volumes in order to get prototypes from a production supplier.  FEV will quickly and economically help you to produce the few parts you require for proof of concept. 

Most sensors are designed with mass production in mind.  We are more than happy to work with your production supplier to insure that the path being taken is conducive to mass production and their processes.

Using Stereo Lithography, FEV can closely match production-intent designs when required.  Prototypes may be machined from aluminum or another acceptable material. 

Final part design does not always lend itself to be easily hand-built. Our designers can take your blueprint or solid model and modify it so that it can be easily machined. EFV will adhere to a review process where the customer and machinist both agree that the new design meets their requirements.

Once the enclosure has been approved, the part can be built and tested.  Most sensors will require hand-wiring and potting.  FEV can make recommendations and test potting compounds or work with customer-specified materials.  The examples shown on this page are hall effect sensors produced for one of our customers.