Automotive Gateway Technology

As consumers demand increased vehicle functionality, the complexity and number of in-vehicle electronics has grown. Gateways - a central hub that securely and reliably connects, transfers and translates data across differing vehicle networks -- high-speed CAN, low-speed fault tolerant CAN, single-wire CAN, Ethernet, and LIN – have become critical for prototype and proof of concept vehicle builds.

As leaders in vehicle development, FEV has created automotive gateway technology that has been incorporated in numerous development platforms and high-volume production modules. 

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Gateway 6 – Connected Vehicle Gateways

The Connected Vehicle Gateway is FEV’s sixth-generation, general purpose development module. In addition to providing bus message translation it has numerous integrated wireless protocols such as BTLE and WiFi. It also can be used to emulate a module, transmitting messages and signals based on switch or sensor I/O, as well as data received over the bus and controls I/O from vehicle network messages and signals.

To better meet a customer’s specific product requirements FEV customizes gateway software and daughterboard circuitry for individual applications. Software updates can be loaded via the onboard USB port.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced vehicle development time
  • Supports all major OEM vehicle networking protocols
  • Integrates CE and other devices into the vehicle
  • Rapid prototype controls development supporting custom hardware/software development
  • Low-cost, user-friendly alternative to traditional off-the-shelf solutions

Gateway Integration

When developing vehicles today, it is not only critical for systems to connect to each other, but the vehicle must connect with other applications. Our gateway technology bridges the gap and can now be integrated for V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) communications and V2G (vehicle-to-grid) applications for electric vehicles using Zigbee, PLC, etc.

The vehicle bus interface provides a non-intrusive access point to the OEM vehicle network. We work with OEMs to make a secure connection for third-party controllers to access data from multiple vehicle systems using various industry-standard network protocols.

FEV Gateway Applications

FEV has several custom gateway applications in various form factors that streamline development time and conform to specific packaging needs.

Our next-generation Customer Adaptable Development Engineering Tool (CADET) offers all of our latest gateway technology with an additional wireless digital and analog datalogging capability and interactive touch-screen display - opening up new opportunities for powerful, yet affordable engineering development tools.  

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