Functional Safety Training

ISO 26262 Training
3.5-days Training including AFSP-Certification*
*AFSP = Automotive Functional Safety Professional

Training Options

3.5 Days with Exam
3.5 Days without Exam
Exam Re-Certification Only

Training Description

The more complex the technology, the more experts for Functional Safety are needed. But the question is: who is a Functional Safety expert? ISO 26262 does not answer this question. On the one hand, it demands that only experts assess or manage Functional Safety, but on the other, it does not specify any of the prerequisites to be met by someone who may be considered an expert.

FEV North America, Inc. as an accredited SGS-TÜV services provider now offers you the possibility to impart the technical knowledge for Functional Safety to personnel and to thereby qualify them. As an individual possessing this qualification, you justify or even increase your market value. As a business, you have the opportunity to have your team members qualified by an independent party and to secure this technical knowledge for the long term.

Day 1Introduction, Overview and Risk Assessment
Day 2Preparation of Safety Concepts
Day 3Safety Related Hardware and Software Development
Day 4Supporting Processes and Certification Exam


Upcoming Training Dates: September 27-29, 2021

Venue: Virtual Conference Training. Details will sent to participants after signup.

FEV North America will be hosting several training opportunities in 2021. Please contact us directly for pricing options. Class sizes will be limited to 20 people in order to maintain a cohesive and interactive learning environment.

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