21. September 2020

X-in-the-Loop (XiL) based virtual calibration methods to efficiently address future powertrain and vehicle development challenges

September 21, 2020 – 8am Detroit | 2pm Aachen | 8pm Beijing

In this free, 60-minute webinar, FEV‘s Daniel Guse presents cost and time-saving potentials that can be raised by establishing virtual calibration in the context of the necessary technical and methodological advancement of powertrain and vehicle development processes.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Exemplary direct and indirect cost and time-saving potentials gained in powertrain and/or vehicle development projects by the implementation of FEV’s virtual calibration methods
  • Hardware specific targets to successfully establish XiL test scenarios on dynamic test benches
  • Minimal functional and physically-based structure of the major relevant real-time simulation models to successfully perform calibration and testing tasks from various work scopes
  • Presentation of FEV’s physically based approach to objectively evaluate and categorize the longitudinal drivability capabilities of conventional as well as autonomous vehicle concepts
  • Correlation of test results for various calibration and testing tasks between on-road testing with real vehicles and different XiL test bench concepts

If you can’t attend the session live please register anyway and we’ll send you a link to the slides and a video of the session when it’s finished.

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