Giselle, what does

“enter the next level” mean for you?

Never to say "it has always been like this", but always to question things. For me as a department manager, this means to motivate my team to go new ways, to stay mentally flexible and to rethink their own limits.

Working at FEV is like your favorite TV series: exciting, full of surprising twists and turns, you just can't stop - and you're fully committed. Colleagues who pull together with you, who are motivated to change things that are not so good and to make good things better, are an important part of FEV and enrich everyday work.

Giselle started as a student assistant at FEV and is now head of IT. Her main task is to support the team in developing the best solutions for FEV. In addition, she acts as a contact person for the business areas and also takes care of administrative issues in IT.

She finds the balance to work at home by spending time with her daughter - without stress and time pressure. She also likes to read and listen to books, preferably crime novels.