Sharon, what does

“enter the next level” mean for you?

“When I think about “Entering the Next Level”, it means continuing to expand my skill sets and evolve my experiences so that I can continue to be one of the best in my area of expertise, in order to provide our customers with the world-class service and results.”

Over the past 15 years at FEV NA, Sharon’s role has continued to evolve allowing her to be more involved in projects from their inception, and see them through to execution. She most enjoys the diversity of each new project which brings its own rewarding challenges. Her extensive knowledge as the Controls Technical Specialist focused on the Internal Combustion Engine and Alternative Fuel Engine controls, and that of the entire FEV team, makes FEV an invaluable partner within the supply chain.

Sharon believes her contribution to the industry benefits not only our customers but the community as a whole, by not only optimizing control systems, in terms of costs and efficiencies, but working towards more environmentally friendly alternatives that benefit everyone.