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  • Automotive supply Chains have been undergoing severe changes during the last years, fueled by mega trends such as advancing electrification, software defined vehicles and connectivity. It is essential for automotive players to know their supplier landscape in depth to develop resilient supply chains.

    Within this master thesis, you will develop a comprehensive supplier database and have the chance to get creative in developing a dashboard / an application to optimize usage (preferrably PowerBi).


    One key aspect of this thesis, besides the processing and visualization of available information, will be the conceptualization and PoC implementation of the process incl. to ensure continuous (semi-)automatic updating and operation of the database. The focus should lie on minimization of HR effort and usage of innovative tools & methods.

  • With the development and growth of the electric vehicle market, the recycling of spent lithium-ion batteries is becoming an important research topic. A combination of mechanical, pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical processes are used to recover valuable materials from EoL batteries or battery cells generated as scrap during production. The recycled materials can then be reused in battery production. The recycling technologies thus form the cornerstone of the circular economy.

    The goal of this thesis is to build a cost and CO2 model for different recycling routes that includes all necessary process steps of the battery recycling ecosystem to compare the competitiveness of different recycling approaches of companies. 

    - Literature review on battery supply chains, from the mine to recycling

    - Create a cost and CO2 model for costs of collection & dismantling,   

      battery logistics, black mass production

    - Extension of the existing cost model for metal extraction based on

      machine sets, consumables, etc.

    - Evaluation and comparison of different battery recycling ecosystems    

    • You support us in various customer projects and are responsible for individual work packages
    • You develop application-oriented solutions
    • You perform analyses and research tasks
    • You create presentations for the preparation of results
    • You prepare and participate in customer meetings
    • You support us in various customer projects and are responsible for individual work packages
    • You develop application-oriented solutions
    • You perform analyses and research tasks
    • You create presentations for the preparation of results
    • You prepare and participate in customer meetings
  • Do you want to be part of the digitalization of this industry in what is probably the most exciting time since the invention of the automobile?

    FEV develops high-quality products and solutions for vehicles and powertrains that are used by customers worldwide. The availability of suitable hardware, software and infrastructure solutions is a key factor for our success.

    Your essential tasks as Infrastructure Specialist (m/w/d) include the

    • Supporting the software development teams in terms of DevOps
    • Bundling and formulating requirements from the business teams to the IT department
    • Evaluation of potential IT solutions
    • Planning and execution of installation, configuration and commissioning
    • Operation and maintenance of existing systems

    The work is carried out in close cooperation with the software developers and the IT department.

  • We offer an exciting position in the area of function development for next generation sustainable mobility solutions (hybrid electric and fuel cell systems).

    • You are responsible for function development of powertrain systems in hybrid vehicles
    • You write requirements, implement and validate functions in MATLAB/Simulink
    • You support software validation (in Simulink, on  hardware-in-the-loop test benches and in the vehicle)
    • You work on vehicle integration, commissioning and calibration


    • In the role of project engineer, you support the further development in the area of control unit function development.
    • You are involved in the further technical development in the special field of physical control functions, numerical modelling (e.g. AI methods) or exhaust gas aftertreatment of various combustion processes.
    • You work on the experimental testing and calibration of diesel, petrol, natural gas and hydrogen engines.
    • You help to develop innovative prototype vehicles
    • You coordinate with external and internal project partners
    • You support acquisition and quotation processes
    • You assist in the development of processes and standards


    • You operate the FEV combustion chamber test benches (e.g. turbochargers for fuel cells).
    • You are responsible for testing and releasing the test set-ups
    • You coordinate operating personnel
    • You interpret and evaluate measurement results
    • You prepare presentations and present them to the customer
    • You take over organisational activities at the FEV combustion chamber and component test benches (e.g. TÜV, maintenance, ...)
    • You will be responsible for the technical, organizational and disciplinary supervision of the team "Functional Development for Engine and AGN Concepts".
    • You develop and test new control concepts for engine and exhaust aftertreatment for gasoline, diesel and H2 applications as well as other alternative fuels
    • You coordinate the daily business within the team and mediate between customer and internal departments
    • You recruit new employees and participate in personnel development
    • The planning and execution of customer appointments as well as the communication with customers and suppliers are also part of your tasks
    • You prepare research proposals, offers, specifications and technical documentation
    • You write publications and represent FEV at technical conferences
    • You work from our location in Aachen/Alsdorf with worldwide customers from the automotive and commercial vehicle industry


    • The key project interface to the customers and FEV engineering teams 

    • Working closely with cross-functional engineering teams to motivate and ensure successful project delivery 

    • Generating realistic, achievable project plans and driving these through to completion 

    • Working with the Sales Team to realise opportunities  

    • Providing updates to management on the state of projects and developing action plans to resolve issues 

    • Manage the budgets, costs and forecasting cost to complete for the projects 


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