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Automotive construction requires sophisticated vehicle, powertrain, and module concepts, and FEV is at the forefront of this development. The research and advanced development departments of automotive manufacturers, as well as their suppliers, are increasingly expected to deliver preliminary services that can be used in series production within reasonably short periods of time. Current megatrends, such as CO2 reduction through e-mobility, autonomous driving, or connectivity – must be made ready for series production.

FEV supports OEMs and suppliers in the constructive design of new approaches for vehicle construction. This is how concept studies for fundamentally new vehicle types form, such as "SVEN" designed for car-sharing, or bodywork types like space frames and their subsequent paneling with plastic panels.

Concept Design - Basis of Smooth Implementation

The better the concept, the smoother the implementation. In accordance with this standard, FEV carries out the conceptual design of complete vehicles from the individual components and assemblies, as well as further development, all the way up to series production delivery.

With the creation of basic design plans, through package and function research, and in the building of detailed constructions and tolerance analyses, new or existing components are being examined with regard to their installation capabilities in new vehicle models. In addition to ensuring the fundamental need for space, the aim is to secure the assembly in series production, along with the ability to be maintained and repaired, and the possibility of being exchanged in a future vehicle by a service technician. FEV has ensured this with the creation of corresponding installation space models and the elaboration of concept steps as a template for vehicle design.

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