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Friction investigations on combustion engines and their components are gaining increasing importance in terms of the fuel economy improvements required to reduce CO2 emissions. Friction test benches at FEV fulfill all of the requirements that must be met for precise investigation into friction. Depending on the measurement task, various test bench types are available for either full engine or component-level friction investigations.

The motored engines or engine components are driven by means of asynchronous machines with high-precision torque measurement. An extremely rigid machine frame prevents cross influences on the torque measurement and thus ensures constantly high measurement accuracy.

Media conditioning systems are implemented to allow adherence to very tight boundary conditions for oil and coolant, allowing even the most precise requirements to be met. Temperature control for oil is possible in a range of 20 to 150 °C and for coolant in a range of 20 to 120 °C. Temperature control accuracy is better than < ±0.5 °C. By means of an additional cooling unit, cold start investigations can additionally be performed at temperatures as low as -30 °C.


  • Stable test boundary conditions ensure high repeatability and shorten test run times
  • Optimized for high-precision torque measurement
  • Large range of applications – for both full engines and engine components
  • Sturdy, high-quality and low-maintenance equipment, tried and tested over many years in FEV’s own test field




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