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We offer new technologies addressing current and future emissions and fuel economy standards while fulfilling market demand for high engine performance and acoustics. FEV meets customer requirements for shorter development schedules, high quality standards and reduced costs.

FEV engineers find solutions to future challenges in markets across the globe. We address new challenges presented by our customers and apply the latest tools and techniques in developing solutions. In a marketplace in which a single powertrain or vehicle might be homologated into multiple global markets, our customers value our international experience.

Bringing innovation

to the street

FEV's goal is to provide solutions that our customers can take directly into production. For 35 years, FEV has performed powertrain design and development programs from concept to start of production (SOP) in the shortest possible time frame. FEV engineers strive to reduce the product development cycle while also improving quality and reducing costs. We continually reinvest in our own capabilities to be prepared to face future challenges.

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FEV engineers are ready to undertake nearly any powertrain or vehicle application task. We routinely provide integrated, engineered systems, such as the development of new prototypes, complete pre-production development and off-tool engine application engineering for new vehicles or homologations for new markets or legislative requirements.

We partner with our customers to create teams that quickly characterize problems, as well as to quickly and cost effectively develop and implement solutions. We're there for our customers when they need our support, and they trust us to provide solutions that work.

Turning innovative

ideas into reality

FEV has been an innovator in the powertrain and vehicle industry for three decades. Our engineers have a reputation for taking new concepts and developing them into production-ready solutions that our customers can directly integrate into their product plans.

FEV continually reinvests in internal research and development in order to generate new ideas and further develop emerging technologies. We also have established an industry-leading benchmarking program that, today, includes a database of hundreds of current and future powertrains and vehicles – a tremendous tool in evaluating the future potential of new concepts.

Our customers rely on FEV to provide innovative and unique solutions for tomorrow's engines, including advanced combustion systems, mechanical components and subsystems, as well as CAE techniques and measurement tools. Similarly, FEV's Test Systems Division offers state-of-the-art test and instrumentation systems designed by engine developers to be used by their peers in the industry.

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