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Technical Centers, FEV, China

The term GOING CHINA has been one of FEV’s main initiatives since more than 20 years. FEV has been and is working with local as well as international vehicle manufacturers and suppliers in China.

FEV has established two development centers, housing about 160 employees, engine test cells, a vehicle application center for gasoline and diesel engines, and a test systems production facility.

Technical Centers, FEV, China, Dalian

Dalian, China was selected in 2004 to host a development center including 13 test benches because of its
technology base, university background, the international sea
harbor and its proximity to Japan and Korea.
Furthermore close to this headquarters a production facility
for test bench systems is operated.

At Shanghai/Anting our vehicle application center has been founded in 2008.

Moreover, we have further expanded our facilities in China with an additional powertrain development center at Beijing in 2016.

FEV China board (from left to right) : Wen-Hui Zhang, General Sales Manager of FEV China, Rolf Weinowski, Chairman of the Board of FEV China, Dr. Ernst Scheid, Executive Vice President of FEV Europe GmbH and Board Member of FEV China, Ying Liu, General Finance Manager of FEV China

The establishment of FEV China provides additional customer commitment and dedication, providing local support to your development activities in China (e.g. with engine development scopes, integration of powertrains into vehicles, calibration and through fleet testing).

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