Special Test Benches

FEV Customized Test Benches for Flow Investigation, Injection and Turbocharging

The increasingly stringent emission legislation and requirements related to fuel consumption reduction not only influence the powertrain but also their testing processes and methods. These become increasingly complex and must be specifically designed for the targeted optimization of internal combustion engines. FEV offers customized test benches for the development process and end-of-line inspection to meet these challenging targets. These special test benches are the result of years of research and extensive experience in powertrain development as well as development and use of the corresponding testing tools. Each test bench is precisely adapted to the customer’s requirements and delivered as a turn-key product.

Capabilities of the friction loss test bench

• Maximum speed (turbocharger):
  • Passenger car: 140,000 rpm  
  • Heavy Duty: 80,000 rpm
• Maximum bearing power loss:   
  • Passenger car: ~ 1.2 kW   
  • Heavy duty: ~ 2.5 kW
• Oil temperature range: 40 - 110°C
• Coolant Temperature range: 40 - 100°C
• Thrust load range: - 100 to + 100 N

<b>Injection Test Bench</b>

Used for both diesel and gasoline engines to quantify injector shot-to-shot variations and leakage
<b>Optical Test Bench</b>

Offer a more detailed understanding of the flow field in the cylinder through 3D-Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) and are used to investigate flow stability and various swirl/tumble related phenomena.


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