Simulation and testing gets closer

The xMOD* application software facilitates the integration of heterogenous models and co-simulation between several simulation tools. The integration process does not require tools.The platform can be used throughout the whole development process. While in the initial development phases, it enables collaborative work between the different professions; in the subsequent physical powertrain and ECU validation phases, it facilitates the use of models on the test bed which were developed during the design phase without any loss in quality.

* developed by IFPEN and sold by FEV


  • Productive: Work in  the same environment  ( same computer …)for MiL, Sil and HiL; Reuse the same models from MiL to HiL, keeping the same accuracy of models
  • Efficient: Exceptional Speed-up (10 to 40 times faster than competition); Model over integration faster than real time; Multi-core, automatic load balancing, multi solver and threads
  • Collaborative: Increases collaboration across the various engineering fields; Extends simulation use to non-expert users (at test bed for example)
  • Independent: Increases the independence with respect to usual design software; Reduces global license cost
  • At test bed: enables connection to the bench and let the engine behave as if in vehicle


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