Data Management and Analysis

Evaluation and Visualization

Evaluation and Reporting

FEVALYS is a product that serves to analyze and visualize data measured or calculated from engine and vehicle development. It can read more than 200 different data formats and can easily be connected to SQL or ASAM ODS based databases.

The combination of analysis and advanced reporting make FEVALYS an outstanding tool meeting today’s customer requirements for a future-proof system.

Data Analysis and Data Management in One Solution 

Data can be evaluated using steady state or dynamic measurement, indication or exhaust emission data, and calculation results. FEVALYS works online (with engine operating on a test bench), or offline (with data pre-measured and recorded either manually, on an automated basis, or as batch processing).

The import and modelling of data take place using a file-based data structure that imports measured and descriptive metadata by way of a user-specific plugin. The ASAM-ODS database allows for easy adaptation on a user-specific data model. Names and terms can be administered flexibly, with user definable spaces for measured data and calculation results

Individual Workflows and Certification Cycles

Create your own operating procedure using the FEVALYS sequencer. As no programming skills are needed for this tool, you can easily optimize your reporting processes.
You also have the opportunity to enhance your test cycle reports. Our certification cycle reporting is a feature that has especially been developed for emission test cycles. 


  • Integration of all measured data, recorded data and metadata
  • Analysis of multiple measurements at one time
  • Standard templates and individually storable layouts
  • Extensive formula library, accessible to users
  • Evaluation templates
  • Guided workflow with individually changeable sequences
  • Certification cycle reporting
  • Intensive and continuous online deployment


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