The FEVER FTIR exhaust-analyzer uses Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy and, using its multi-components-analysis, provides a fast and highly accurate measurement of exhaust gas components. FEVER FTIR‘s fully modular design makes the system easily adaptable to any measurement tasks in the field of engine development or certification of combustion engines.
FEVER FTIR is fitted with casters to give it the flexibility and mobility so that it can be easily used in different locations.

The optimized gas flow provides the fastest response times for dynamic and continuous measurements in undiluted exhaust gas. Furthermore a newly developed ventilation system ensures that the analytics are not subjected to any undue fluctuations in temperature. This guarantees highly reproducible results.
FEVER FTIR is operated by using a touchscreen integrated into the front door panel. Well-structured software provides easy access to all key functions via the main menu.


  • Precise and dynamic measurement of exhaust gas components
  • Maximum accuracy – excellent reproducibility
  • Broad range of applications (gasoline, diesel, alcohol-based fuels, CNG, LPG)
  • Simple operation, calibration and maintenance
  • Excellent accessibility and low space requirements
  • Standardized interfaces make it easy to integrate into test bed environments




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