Combustion Analysis System

OSIRIS is Turnkey’s fast acquisition system. Originally designed to sample data at each engine revolution crank angle, it can also work as a time-based oscilloscope. Quick to install and easy to use, it covers all the needs of engine engineers during every step of a powertrain development.


  • Includes flywheel pickup converter (no need of encoder)
  • Works at high frequency (up to 500kHz ; 0.1° / 8300 rpm)
  • The performance at best quality/ cost ratio
  • Combustion analysis in a test cell or on-board a vehicle.
  • About 600 installed systems since 1995.


  • Choose not only an indicating system, but also an oscilloscope : Time mode measurement as an oscilloscope (from 1kHz to 500kHz) ; Huge data storing capacity for all cylinder pressure data
  • Benefit from the largest range of calculations : Developed with major OEMs
  • Select a flexible and cost effective hardware platform: Scalable according to your needs from 8 to 16, 24 or 32 channels ; No encoder to install
  • Multiple interface to most common automation systems
  • Interface for all the principal charge amplifiers of the market
  • TEDS sensors management, crank angle encoders
  • Keep the same system: in test beds as well as in-vehicle: Identical file format for calculations and results

OSIRIS Combustion Analysis System


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