Suitable for steady state, transient and dynamic testing

The FEV DynaCraft series is a foot mount asynchronous drive covering a wide speed and torque range for all applications from the smallest single-cylinder engine up to high power output passenger cars or high-torque heavy-duty diesel applications.

In combination with the state of the art IGBT frequency converter technology with rotor flux vector control it is suitable for everything from steady state to high dynamic powertrain testing.


  • Long lifetime ensured by ultra-low vibration
  • Reduced maintenance and spare part costs through modular design of motor and frequency converter
  • Low noise radiation due to compact design, high switching frequency, multifan technology and sound cover
  • Worldwide uniform electrical application possible through advanced Power Filter
  • Suitable for steady state, transient and dynamic testing
  • Standard overload capacity of 1.2 for excellent dynamics
  • Reliable individual solution through strong CAE support


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