09. January 2017

Additional Expertise for Functional Safety: FEV Acquires Engineering Provider etamax space GmbH

Official contract signing: FEV as acquired the shares and business of etamax space GmbH (from left to right): Holger Sdunnus and Ralf Westerkamp, Managing Directors of etamax space GmbH, Prof. Dr. Stefan Pischinger, President & CEO FEV Group (Holding GmbH), Sami Sagur, CFO and Executive Vice President of FEV Group (Holding GmbH), (Source: FEV Europe GmbH)

International engineering service provider FEV, headquartered in Aachen, has acquired the shares and business of etamax space GmbH. This was announced by the management of both companies. With the integration of the engineering service provider for secure software and secure systems, FEV also takes over all shares of ckc ag, which previously held 49.5 percent of etamax.

"Autonomous driving, along with the digitalization and connection of vehicles, place high demands on functional safety," explains Professor Stefan Pischinger, President and CEO of the FEV Group. "With the integration of etamax space GmbH into the FEV Group, we gain important, additional expertise in the field of safety assessment for driving assistance systems, thus strengthening our Smart Vehicles engineering unit."

Etamax offers danger and risk analysis to its clients in the automotive, aerospace, and railway engineering industries for complex, safety-critical systems and their software. The scope of services ranges from process support for software and system engineering to quality assurance for on-board software and on-site consulting.

In addition, the etamax Test Competence Center provides clients with an independent and autonomous service facility to optimize the quality and security of client-specific software and systems.

"We are confident that etamax space GmbH, as an independent unit for safety verification management within the FEV Group, will contribute to expanding the portfolio for electric and electronic components," explains Ralf Westerkamp, Managing Director of etamax space GmbH. "We look forward to reinforcing the field of functional safety within FEV projects and, beyond that, contributing to the diversification of FEV with our other areas of expertise."

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