Test Object Controller TOM X

The upgradable control system

TOM X is a universal controller unit that can handle all types of loading units and test objects; as well as be seamlessly integrated into any testing environment. All established control modes are available and can be switched shock-free during operation. TOM X can be operated either remotely via the automation system; locally or optionally via an external control panel.

It offers integrated basic monitoring of the tested object, where, in case of a limit violation, the TOM X responds in a way to secure the test object by bringing it into a stable operating condition.  The TOM X is modularly extendable; and the compiled real-time model can be integrated easily via the „Model Handler“-module.

Offering real time networking of component test benches, engines and gear units can be connected in one virtual overall system.

TOM X System is expandable, too. Test procedures, for example, can be completely automated. An all-in-one solution, consisting of control unit and automation.


  • Fully integrated execution of MATLAB/Simulink models
  • Fieldbus crosslinking with EtherCAT
  • Modular safety concept
  • Secure operation via the integrated multilayered test object monitoring
  • Easy integration of new test bench devices and actuators
  • Full-text search with autocomplete and intelligent filtering
  • Easy navigation via definition of favorite screens and previews
  • Extensible to an „all-in-one" combined controller and automation system
  • Build in in one hardware, thus very cost-effective
  • Modular framework allows tailor-made configurations
  • Open & scalable architecture allows future enhancements
  • Downward compatibility of future versions

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